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Fadi Jawish

Fadi Jawish

Managing Director

About Fadi

Hey there, I'm Fadi, the Managing Director at Connect Group. For the past eight years, I've been diving deep into the world of recruitment, focusing mainly on the IT and software sectors across the UK and the US. My journey has taken me through many different countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Spain and Germany., I moved to the UK at 16 to pursue my studies at Bournemouth University.

Competitive basketball has been a passion of mine since school, and I continued to play throughout my university years. Fun fact: My love for the game and hard work scored me the first scholarship from Bournemouth University in 2018!

My biggest joy in life is spending time with my little boy Jake and wife. They’re my main drive and motivation that keeps me going every day. For me, Family is everything.

I'm all about discovering new horizons and jetting off to fresh destinations. My mix of experiences and love for connecting with people have really shaped how I do recruitment. It's about building genuine connections and making matches that last a lifetime, you know, the ones that really click.

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